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Whether your child is an academic go-getter, or a teen who has yet to find their feet in a subject, we believe that a little personal attention reaps huge benefits.

For many children and teens to succeed academically, two things need to happen: First, they have to feel that they can learn and second, they need to want to learn. This is where AMG and our one-to-one tutoring works well.

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The natural curiosity that children are born with is often dulled when the class moves at a pace which is either too fast or too slow for the individual learner. This results in either boredom, which curtails curiosity, or anxiety, which leads to stress and low self-confidence. At all ages, and crucially in the pre-teen and teenage years, this can even result in children being unwilling to try.

Most parents have seen this with our children at some point across the years of schooling. It is frustrating, particularly when the academic achievements measured by their school just don’t match the potential that, as parents, we know our child has.

Most of us also recognise that an essential factor in making any subject accessible to our child is the teacher, and the way in which the teacher engages the child.

This is where AMG can help.

Knowledgeable teachers

First, we believe that a knowledgeable teacher, through a developing rapport, can re-engage the child’s curiosity. Because the student is in a position to be heard and is expected to communicate their own original ideas, they can also raise questions. Quite suddenly, learning becomes an area where the student can sit in the driving seat, and this is the route to becoming an independent learner.

Lessons matching individual needs

Second, because each session can be fine-tuned to the individual student and moves at their own learning pace (and can also zip off into an interesting aside where time permits) the lesson content stimulates the student whilst also increasing their confidence. It is tremendously rewarding to see the shift from ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know’ to “I see. How about….?”

Twenty-five years of experience

Over the past 27 years, AMG tutors have had the pleasure of helping thousands of Hong Kong children and teenagers reach their academic goals, and we feel very privileged. To educate is a trusted position. We hope that with our efforts, we can continue to deserve your trust.

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Why Choose AMG?

- Over 25 years of caring, professional service

- Well-qualified, experienced staff

- No charge for academic advice to parents

- In-depth knowledge of UK School requirements

- Education first, business second