Bad Weather Policy

Action to take during Heavy Rainstorm and Typhoon

Here is AMG’s policy on closure during rainstorms and tropical cyclones.

Affected classes means those which take place during the time that the T8 is in effect and two hours after the T8 signal falls / during the time that the Black Rainstorm signal is in place.

Note on charging: All automatically cancelled lessons will not be charged. All lessons resumed after two hours will be charged whether they are attended or not.



T1 and T3


If the T8 signal is in effect


When the T8 signal falls


All classes unaffected


Affected classes during the period the T8 signal is in effect are automatically cancelled.


Classes will resume two hours after the warning falls.

General note: In the unlikely event that the Number 8 signal is raised suddenly while your child is at AMG, all lessons will be suspended to allow teaching staff to make their way home. Students will be sheltered at AMG under supervision until either picked up by parents/guardians or the Number 8 storm signal is lowered.










All classes unaffected


All classes unaffected


– If the black rainstorm warning is in effect, all affected classes will be cancelled automatically.


-When the black rainstorm warning falls, classes will resume two hours after the warning falls.


Important Note: If a black rainstorm warning is hoisted while your child is at AMG either waiting for or receiving tuition, the centre will offer shelter until either the child is picked up by their carer or parent, or until the black rainstorm signal is cancelled. Lessons in progress will be completed if convenient to the parent and will be charged for as usual. Subsequent lessons will be cancelled automatically.