Booking Holiday

If you require tuition only in your child’s holidays, please complete the holiday period tuition form. This form allows you to book for more than one holiday period.


Call 2526-4097 to talk to one of our team, who can guide you with your choices,
Download the regular booking form, complete it and return it to AMG by email to or by Fax to 2523-8507.

or fill out the online form by clicking the link below

Holiday PDF Form

Holiday Online Form


We look forward to hearing from you.

Note that you may tick all the holiday periods that interest you. If you decide not to take up tuition in a given period, you simply need to tell us.

Once we have received your booking, we will contact you nearer the time (usually about one month in advance of the holiday period) to check your child’s exact needs. Please note that we keep the bookings on file in order of date of receipt, so we will call you to find out your specific needs in the order in which we receive your booking. This means we offer tuition on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once we contact you for your update, please note that we will schedule again according to receipt of reply. This means it is in your interest to contact us reasonably quickly to say whether or not you still require tuition. We will not remove you from the booking list until we hear from you, but your booking may become superseded if we do not hear back from you promptly.

You will then receive a timetable according to your written requests in the light of the tutors’ availability. In some cases, we can create a perfect schedule, at other times, the schedule may require juggling. We always try our best to give you as many lessons as you require, but when the timetables fill up, this becomes harder.

Once a timetable is agreed upon, we ask you to sign for your acceptance of the schedule. This signature is your acceptance of the schedule, and of the terms and conditions (link to terms and conditions here) that apply, and we will then send out an invoice to you.

We ask for full payment in advance of the tuition over holiday periods.