Fee Schedules

For regular individual lessons, fees are calculated on an hourly basis and are payable monthly in arrears. AMG will send an invoice to you via your preferred email account.

For block booked tuition during holiday periods, fees are calculated in advance and are payable upon issue of the invoice in advance of tuition.

For group English lessons for younger learners, please refer to the separate course details.



Senior Tutor

Year 9 and below $620 per hour $690 per hour
Years 10 and 11 (GCSE or equivalent) $650 per hour $720 per hour
HKDSE final year (F6), AS, A2 level, SAT, IB Dip, AP, IELTS $680 per hour $750 per hour

Late Payment of Fees

For any invoice which is outstanding for more than two months, there will be a monthly administrative charge of $200 added onto the overdue tuition fees on the statement of overdue account. This is non-negotiable.

Fee Schedule for additional Services

CAT4 Testing

AMG charges HK$500 per test including a printed Report for Parents. A follow up meeting to discuss the results is offered at no extra charge.

Interview Practice

Student Cost
For a student applying to enter a new school $600
For a student applying to enter university One-to-one interview: HK$800
Panel Interview: HK$1,200


AMG charges per day for invigilation

Time For the first day of invigilation For subsequent days of invigilation
Monday to Saturday invigilation HK$700 HK$450
Sundays and Public holidays HK$850

If the exam requires scripts to be sent back to schools, AMG will use DHL, and the charge will vary depending on weight and destination. The approximate cost is around HK$500

Invigilation of ISEB Common Pre-test


Most marking is conducted by tutors in lessons. For this, there is no charge. Occasionally, however, students ask us to mark pieces of work that they have worked on outside of AMG. For this, we ask the tutors to let us know how long they took to complete the task, and we ask you to pay the appropriate fee scale according to the Level as outlined in the table above.

Skype lessons

If Skype lessons are arranged to take place during AMG office hours, the charge per hour is as above in the fee schedule table. If Skype lessons are arranged at time outside of AMG office hours, the fee per hour increases by HK$100, as AMG remunerates its tutors with for out-of-hours work. Please note that Skype lessons outside of AMG hours are offered at the tutors’ discretion.