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Who are we?

AMG is a tutorial school, registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau.  We have been offering quality after-school tuition in most academic subjects to HK students for the past twenty five years.  Our aim is simply to encourage a love of what is being studied, thereby ensuring greater curiosity and more well-rounded knowledge. Our tutors hail from the UK, HK and the US, with some of us old-hands and some fairly recent graduates.  Many have worked with AMG for over 6 years.

What do we do?

We offer one-to-one lessons (fairly intensive for the student, especially after school).  This format enables the lessons to be focused to the individual needs of the student and also allows a strong rapport to develop between tutor and tutee.  We find this rapport encourages the student to try harder and work with responsibility.  The lessons are not dry or humorless, as we believe that something enjoyed is something remembered.  Our students generally get excellent results.

Who attends AMG?

Our students range from nine to eighteen-year-olds, and the range of teaching is therefore much broader in scope than either primary or secondary coaching.  We teach to this age range because the students have diverse reasons for needing extra tuition:

  • those seeking entry to UK schools or colleges at 11+, 13+ or 16+ by selective examination
  • UK boarding school returnees seeking top-up tuition in GCSE, A level or IB Dip. subjects
  • those Hong Kong students needing help with their HKDSE, IGCSE or IB examinations
  • those needing continuing help in a subject, which may or may not lead to an examination

Who manages AMG?

We are a small team: just two managers and two office assistants ensure communication is day-to-day, trust-based and informal.  We don’t have regular staff meetings, and rarely use memos.  We think this is a plus.

What do you need to have to join us?

You need a degree in the subject you wish to teach with us, excellent knowledge of your subject plus an obvious enjoyment of it, a good sense of humour, patience and a good work ethic, the ability to communicate your knowledge in age appropriate language, and recognition of the Key Stage Levels of attainment.  If you have these attributes, and pass our interviews, AMG will sponsor you for a work visa.  Our contracts are full-time, last two years and basic salary ranges from HK$24,000 to HK$30,000 pcm commensurate on experience and qualifications.

Join our team.
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