We are excited to announce this upcoming chance for HK students to Make an Impact by signing up to EtonX’s online course. Starting from October 14th, 2017, the taster course will be FREE* to selected students.

You need to
be 14-18 years old,
have a laptop computer, and
have a stable internet connection of at least 12 mbps.
To apply today, visit
Price: GBP150, but FREE* to selected applicants until December 2017

* Students benefitting from the free taster course will be asked to take part in a market research questionnaire at the end of the course tutorial

 In this course you’ll learn how to make an impact by being more assertive and communicating more effectively. Assertiveness is a behaviour that can help you get what you want out of life. We all have the ability to develop Assertiveness but sometimes we can be Passive and let others get what they want or fail to influence others by being Aggressive.
You will learn to identify these behaviours in yourself and in others. Learning and practising the Four Steps to Assertiveness will give you an essential tool to help you manage difficult situations in your everyday life. You will also learn how to get better at listening to others and understanding the signals they are giving in their body language and tone of voice. You will learn how to ask better questions and how to summarise what you hear. This ability to understand others and communicate well is a key step towards ensuring you get your own opinions heard and influence the outcome of conversations.
At the end of the course, you will be able to set personal development goals with the help of a 1-to-1 tutorial that will also review your progress on the course and give you individual feedback.

Please contact AMG and email/speak to Liz for more details.