Invigilation Services

AMG is an educational consultancy based in Central, specialising in the provision of educational advice and individual academic and language teaching to Hong Kong students studying locally or overseas. Our staff of mainly UK university graduates provide tuition to students at all levels from late Primary through Secondary to Undergraduate. We cover a wide range of academic subjects (Economics, English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Social Sciences (Geography and History), Languages (French, German, Latin and Spanish), Religious Studies, Theory of Knowledge, and Critical Thinking), and can accommodate students of all ability levels. We are also able to provide advice on placement into overseas schools at Common Entrance level or above, and are fully conversant with the selection criteria applied by schools which set their own examination papers. In this regard, we enjoy the advantages of formal and informal links with a number of overseas schools.

An important part of our services involves the placement of pupils within overseas educational systems. As part of this service it is often necessary for the student to sit examination papers for entry to the desired school. AMG offers the option for the student to sit the examinations in our centre. There are advantages to this: The student will be able to sit the papers in a quiet, comfortable, friendly and familiar environment, in complete isolation from other candidates. Also, the parent need not worry about the relationship with the student’s existing school. Of course, this service is conditional upon obtaining approval from the chosen overseas educational establishment. However, such approval has already been given at every request to date from schools such as The College at Winchester, Eton, The Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Benenden, Roedean, Downe House, St Mary’s Calne, St Catherine’s Bramley, and St Swithun’s among others. We are also an ISEB Common Entrance examining centre, also offering the ISEB Computerised Common Pre-test. Our invigilator, Ms Elizabeth Gower, personally oversees all aspects of the examination timetabling, invigilation and enclosure to schools, so absolute confidentiality is assured.

The examination invigilation takes place in our 3rd Floor suite in the Man Hing Commercial Building on Queen’s Road Central. The office is easily accessible both for HK Island residents and, via the nearby MTR station, for Kowloon-based students. We try our best to offer convenient examination timetables, when flexibility is allowed by the school concerned, and we are happy to invigilate on Sundays and Public holidays. For language examinations in French, German and Spanish, our in-house tutors are familiar with the format and style of the Speaking papers. For the ISEB Common Entrance 13+ Mandarin Paper, AMG employs an external examiner for the speaking paper.

For examinations, fees are calculated on a daily basis and are payable in arrears. The costs for all examinations (Speaking, Listening, Writing and on-line components) are $750 for the first day and $500 per subsequent day (if necessary) of examinations. If the examination should fall on a Sunday or public holiday, the charge for that day is $880. The scripts are immediately sent back to the senior schools by courier. The cost for postage is approximately $500. Please note that as the Mandarin Speaking examination depends upon the external examiner’s fees, this aspect of the invigilation cost may vary.

Please feel free to contact us to talk about your requirements.