Liz Gower Senior Tutor of English and Latin FT

Liz has been working with AMG since 2005 in her capacity as Manager and Tutor.  She teaches because she loves teaching and has been doing so since graduation from the LSE (in the days when dragons were common), when she started out in London with Frances King School, followed by a stint in Hamburg before ending up in HK, working for the University of Hong Kong SPACE. She enjoys English Language and English Literature, particularly teaching children targetting the 13+ Entrance tests to UK schools, but also the Lit. and Lang. components of the iGCSE.

For Latin, whilst not a Classics Scholar, and enduring love of the language has helped her create a beginner’s intensive Latin course which helps guide students aiming for UK and US schools.  She’s also delighted to help those students in HK who are struggling with their Latin, and has helped students to prepare for the Eton and Harrow Scholarship examinations.