Steve O’Sullivan 2012-2014 / Tutor of Mathematics

I started work at AMG Ltd in Hong Kong right after graduating from Cambridge University. As it was my first job outside the UK I was understandably nervous, but right from the start Liz and the staff there made a really special effort to help me settle in to the work and get used to life in Hong Kong. Throughout my time there I got to teach a wide variety of Mathematics to students of different ages, backgrounds and ability. Trying to keep my lessons fun and interesting meant that I learnt as much here about my subject as I did at university, and I continue to look back on those years in Hong Kong as some of the most rewarding of my life. The location is also fantastic, and the frequent social events I had with friends and staff were always really great fun. More important than all of this though: I met some of my best friends while working at AMG, and together we regularly reminisce about the wonderful times we had in Hong Kong working together